Help me answer the question...

Is that good?

Hi, I'm Paul. When I receive an boltelectricity, local_fire_departmentgas, or waveswater bill, I tend to follow the same routine. I open the letter, check the cost, check the consumption, and then look at the pretty graph that tells me whether I consumed more than the last bill or the same time last year.

Because I'm human, I congratulate myself when the numbers look good (yeah...my hard work paying off), and initiate the appropriate protocol when not. This normally involves grumbling at everyone [else] for leaving lights on, or doors open, and strengthens my resolve not to install air conditioning. But, whichever the reaction, I also ask myself "Is that good?".

Not "Is that a good price?" or "Is it a good deal?", but...

Am I being a good earthling?

How much water should I be consuming each day? Do solar panels help? What's the real cost of owning a pool? Who's winning, you or me, in the sustainability stakes? To answer that question, I need your help. I'd like to ask you to register on the site (email required only) and log the details of your next (or most recent) utility bills. To make sure I'm comparing apples with apples, I'll also ask for some basic information like the number of people in the house and the number of bathrooms. That's completely optional, but the more detailed information we get from everyone, the better you'll be able to tell if your bills are good, too.

info I won't sell your data

info I won't advertise solar panels (or anything) to you

info I will help you answer your own question...

Is that good?